Glow-Line Tape

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Den här färgglada tejpen fästs på din linjal för att markera de linjer du använder för att undvika misstag.  När du är färdig tas tejpen lätt bort  utan att lämna rester
Bredd 6,35 mm, 3 olika färger, 6,4 m av vardera.

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Low Tack will not leave residue on your ruler. Available in 3 colors, pink, orange, and yellow, each roll contains 1/4in x 7yds. Total package contains 21yds of tape. Glow Line makes it easy to find measurements and shapes. Especially when rotary cutting repetitive pieces. You can use Glow-Line either underneath or on top of Invisi-Grip.

Select the color you prefer and apply tape over the desired measurement on back of the ruler, then trim even with ruler edge.

When cutting strips, automatically look for the highlighted line or area, preventing the common mistake of cutting the wrong size. When finished using, simply pull tape off of ruler and discard.