Kviltvadd Hobbs Tuscany Polyester, 244 cm

149,00 kr /m

Kviltvadd Hobbs Tuscany Polyester, 244 cm består av 100% fintrådig polyester. Dess fibrer är silikonbelagda, kardade och bundna. Mycket bra för handkviltning och maskinkviltning.
Bredd 244 cm

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Kviltvadd Hobbs Tuscany Polyester, 244 cm


Tuscany Premium Polyester batting is superbly soft, drapes well, and is manufactured to the highest industry specifications. Exceptional for hand quilting, it is also prized by machine quilters for the loft that accentuates quilting details.

It is made with the finest siliconized, very fine denier polyester. The fibers are then carded, cross lapped, and resin bonded to retard bearding. This batting may be quilted up to 4” apart and will not shrink when washed.

We recommend that the quilt maker spend some time learning about this product before using it on a major project. Make samples using this batting to see how it launders and how it needles, both by hand and by machine, so that you can obtain the look you want in your final project.



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