Pellon TP971F Thermolam Plus Fusible 114 cm

14,40 kr  per dm
Jämförelsepris: 144 kr/m

Pellon Thermolam Plus Fusible 114 cm är en mjuk fleece-vadd lämplig för grytlappar, väskor etc. Samma som Thermolam Plus Sew-In men med klister på en sida
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Fusible Thermolam Plus is an extra lofty, needled fleece with fusible adhesive on one side. It is great for crafts, home decorating and quilting projects. Fusible Thermolam Plus will remain lofty after fusing and can be used on fabric, cardboard, or wood. The adhesive side is marked in blue along the edge for easy identification.

**Made with 100% Low Loft Acid-Free Polyester

**45in Wide

**Machine wash warm, delicate cycle. Tumble dry low or dry clean.